5 summer essentials that will help you breeze through the season in style!

5 summer essentials that will help you breeze through the season in style!

It’s that time of the year again! While COVID-19 may have restricted mobility for the most part, summer brings with it a chance to pull out your coolest cotton numbers, brightest accessories and comfiest staples. Whether you’re staying safe at home or making the most of the season with a quaint beachy getaway, here are the five essentials you’re going to need to have the best summer in the book. 

Jewellery to fall in love with

Clothes may come and go, but jewellery lasts forever. Step into summer 2021 with Zanzibar’s molten brass beauties, which will match just as well with bikinis and dresses as they will with formal favourites. While the label’s sun and moon Tidal bangles make a perfectly balanced stack, the Conch Whisperer earrings will always take you back to lazy afternoons at the beach. And for the girl who loves her classics, there’s always the Sound of Stillness earrings. 

Feather-light shirts that pack a punch

Sun’s out, guns out: If you’ve been waiting for a sign to update your collection of shirts, this is it. Why not mix things up with aanswr’s playful chevron striped Evening Resort shirt or Kardo’s cool shibori number? If you’re really in the mood for getting experimental, opt for Punah’s two-toned convertible shirt, which can always be repurposed as a crop top.

 Something fun to carry your essentials in

 Dreaming of the sun, sand and sea? You’re not the only one. This season, channel your inner resort resident with Urban Arrest’s summery tote bags. Made in Imphal, Manipur, these handcrafted carryalls take you on an underwater journey filled with exotic fish and coral reefs, all embroidered with sequins and glass beads in vibrant shades of blues, greens and reds. You’ll love the adjustable strap each buy comes with too.

 Shorts, shorts, shorts

Casual dressing can be surprisingly smart, and aanswr’s selection of lightweight shorts serves as proof. Hanging by the poolside this summer? You won’t want to get out of our Roll-Up chino shorts. Up for a little drama? Punah’s hand-embroidered, sustainable Sashiko shorts are the order of the day. 

Boomerang-ready summer dresses

You saw this one coming, right? There’s no way you’re getting through those sweltering afternoons without a trusty summer dress—or ten. Our top three picks include aanswr’s timeless Sunday slip dress, Urban Arrest’s stripes-meet-polka dots Misty day dress, and an all-time charmer, the fail-safe White Blaze dress, perfect for mid-day brunches.