All About Aromatherapy: The Essential You Need!

All About Aromatherapy: The Essential You Need!

Our times feel uncertain, while stress soars higher and higher in our day to day lives. Aromatherapy, an ancient technique of stress-busting and feeling better is the perfect way to unwind after a long day of work. While we embrace easy living with elevated essentials, we also love feeling a slice of pampering healing. 

Apart from exercising, therapy and dietary solutions, aromatherapy is a traditional remedy to combat stress & anxiety. Aromatherapy is essentially the practice of using oils extracted from pants to treat common health issues & promote an overall well-being. Dating back to the 100 AD, aromatherapy was initially practiced by Persians and Egyptians and now very predominantly used in China & India as remedial therapies. 

Depending on the kind of essential oil, it can help improve your mood, ease your pains or simply reduce stress when you’re taking on too much. We love comfort, and we love spreading it too. So we made a list of when & how to use aromatherapy to your benefit by joining hands with the experts at Secret Alchemist - producers of handcrafted essential oils that boost you up when the world gets you down. 

How to use it? 

Well, it’s easy. There are numerous ways to use essential oils to benefit you and those around you. 

Comfort Baths

Mmmmm. The comfort of a warm bath; sink in, let warm water replenish your energies. Add a few drops of handpicked essential oils to your bath to enhance your unwinding experience.

Self-care is the perfect choice for when you need to relax, unwind and dive into comfort. While the lavender helps calm your senses, ylang-ylang helps you rejuvenate the Sage and Patchouli help you relax into deep aromatic sensory comfort.


Steamers & Diffusers

The most common & pleasing way to use essential oils when a leisurely bath is not quite an option. A few drops in your diffuser helps set the mood for relaxation, rejuvenation & restfulness. 

Breathe is just what you need; a smart concoction of black pepper, eucalyptus, hyssop, lavender and sweet basil; alleviating congestion, common colds and helping you heal. Body & soul. 

Spray on Fabrics or Roll on Your Person

Back in the day, we had only Eau De Cologne. For those that know, it was the perfect old-dad smell made from various ingredients. Step up your game with handcrafted essential oils that are designed to give you positivity and relieve your stress and anxiety. 

We recommend adding a few drops of Calm  to your clothing for the day or on yourself at night before bed for a calming stress-buster. After all, your senses need awakening too!


We could go on and on, because of how much we love sensory comfort; but we’ll leave the experience up to you. Shop for your deep dive into aromatherapy wellness here