All about collagen & why you should add it to your routine!

All about collagen & why you should add it to your routine!

The dietary supplement everyone’s raving about: collagen. What is it, really?

Like the glue that holds together pieces of a puzzle, collagen is what holds your cells, muscles & everything else together. An essential part of your body’s connections & strength, collagen is a wonder supplement with its ability to provide & maintain structure & strength. 

While collagen is a healthy & important protein, simply eating protein-rich foods isn’t enough. You can find them in skinless, boneless chicken, dairy products or other common protein sources, but that does not help in keeping your collagen levels at their most optimal level. 

Being in powder form, collagen is one of the easiest supplements to consume on a daily basis. And for those of you that are afraid of healthy tastes there are some fun ways too! 

Instagram says you can pour a scoop of collagen powder into exotic recipes or super-healthy keto shakes and chia puddings. While these do sound terrific and exciting, it’s hard to maintain a lifestyle that calls for creativity in every meal. 

It truly does not matter what you put your collagen powder in, as long as you consume it on a daily basis. Here are some ways to make sure to get your collagen fill without going out of your way. 

If you’re a baker, or have a sweet tooth?

You can bake with it, or even make some popsicles with it. Add some collagen powder to your cake mixes for a fun dessert that adds to your bone & muscle health. We recommend choosing this for tea cakes!

On a liquid diet?

Mixing your collagen with your daily juices or smoothies. Despite being sourced from fish, collagen has no taste. It does not alter the taste of your beverages, ideally making it the best supplement to consume. Just make sure to stir it to dissolve completely to avoid any lumps. 


Our collagen can be added to your mid-morning coffees as easily as it can be to juices. Our office loves to do it too!

We love soup!

Just like a lot of us at aanswr, if you love enjoying a variety of soups for dinner, we recommend adding a scoop of collagen to take care of your collagen intake. It mixes well with soup and does not hamper the consistency either. Soup-ing away into health everyday!

Caution  note: We recommend adding less sugar when taking collagen supplements in your food & beverages to ensure that it has maximum efficiency. Sugar is known to damage collagen through a process called glycation; it produces enzymes that go against the working of collagen on your health. 

If you haven’t already, it’s time to add collagen to the fun food list. Buy it here!