Back to work with aanswr: How to get your wardrobe ready for the office

Back to work with aanswr: How to get your wardrobe ready for the office

Admit it: After more than a year of social distancing, the idea of working from a busy office surrounded by colleagues seems more foreign than you’d like to admit. But as the country continues to get vaccinated, sharing a workspace with others is slowly but surely becoming a very possible reality. To get you geared up, here are five tricks to giving your wardrobe the office-ready pick-me-up it needs right now.

1. Invest in a sharp shirt

Having spent months working from home, T-shirts and sweats may have become your new normal. But a classic white shirt can do wonders to smarten up one’s look. This fail-safe staple isn’t called a classic for nothing. For men, nothing looks better than aanswr’s pristine Functionalist shirt, and if you’re up to give your work wardrobe a little upgrade, Zanzibar’s Linen & Blues shirt dress is here to save the day.

2. Neutral hues are your best friends
At aanswr, fuss-free fashion is always the way to go. While vibrant hues will always make a statement, nothing beats the charm of well-tailored pieces in neutral hues, especially in a professional setting. Enter our favourite palette: indigos. No matter which shade you choose, you’ve made a winning choice.

3. Pick pieces that go the extra mile
With COVID-19 has come a slower pace of life, and a more mindful form of consumption. As you curate your all-new work wardrobe, it’s a good idea to invest in pieces that will come in handy in more than one setting. Our in-house stylists place their bets on the humble blazer. Skip the ebonies for a layer in blue—smart enough for meetings, bright enough for your next special evening.

4. Say hello to cheat pants
You may be heading back out into the big bad world of spreadsheets, conferences and deadlines, but who says you can’t be comfortable while doing so? Take a little piece of the easy life with you to work with trousers that look like they mean business, but are comfy enough to nap in. Our picks? aanswr’s Carrot Crush pants for women (check out those razor sharp front pleats!) and for men, the Weekday Warrior pants, which ensure belt-free comfort.

5. Wrap it up—always
Despite lockdown restrictions slowly easing up, staying safe is top priority, especially when working in large groups. Do your part by investing in work-appropriate face masks. aanswr’s cotton indigo editions are just the elevated essentials you’ve been looking for—super soft, incredibly comfortable, and versatile enough to blend in with anything you wear for your next trip to the boardroom.