Bork bork: Your puppers need some generous TLC in 2022!

Bork bork: Your puppers need some generous TLC in 2022!

It’s that time of year when we’re setting down our resolutions and rewarding ourselves with something essential & special. However, the team insists that you cannot put together this list without ideas on how you plan to pamper your furry favourites too! 

So, to help make your list fun, we’ve got some suggestions on just how you can pamper your puppers with essential love, handpicked joys & curated smiles in 2022. 

A brilliant snack always does the trick! 

Believe it or not, animals are the one species that is excited to hobble down the same food every single day. But, but, but…..why not make things a little more exciting? 

A few treats mixed into your puppy’s everyday meal is a sure-shot way of giving him a super-fun time and making him feel special. While you do this, make sure it’s in his exclusive meal bowl too. We curated the Geometric Bowl from Pawpstar just to let your furries know that they need their own crockery too! 

A picnic getaway! 

A day to run free & feel the breeze is a treat from the everyday strolls within city limits. The way you plan your own vacations, it’s best to take your puppies out sometimes too. They need a change of scenery, a change of pace & some freshness to relax, refresh & recharge too. 

And if it’s cold, we’ve got just what you need to keep them protected. The Berlin Winter Coat curated by the team to keep them warm & clean has become an instant hit with our customers because it’s made with 100% cotton in an adorable olive color. 

A puppy party! 

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to plan a garden party for your cute little furry friends. After all, the nippy temperatures won’t be here forever. To make your puppies the star of the party, we’ve got the perfect bandanas & bowties for you from the kind folks at Pawpstar Co! 

A spa day! 

Downtime sounds like a nice time. So why not for your puppy babies tooooo. We love the idea of a spa day, whenever it is. We’re lovers of comfort & essential indulgences. So a spa day is a must. We have curated a host of products including shampoos, conditioners, calming mists & oils to help rejuvenate your pawsome babies & bring a smile to their faces!

A toy just for your little boys & girls!

Mamas & papas, toys are the best way to pamper your goodest boys & girls. So whether it’s an exclusive pillow, an organic cotton stuffed toy or their very own super-comfortable & organically stitched donut beds, we’ve got the best of the best curated just for you. 

So when you look at those adorable little eyes and constantly smiling faces, how can you not want to pamper them? Get clicking now, because our pets’ essentials are just where you need to be!