Dreamers in Paradise: To make everyday magically perfect for you!

Dreamers in Paradise: To make everyday magically perfect for you!

Disney’s fairy tales turned into movies or a childhood full of Harry Potter’s magical world, we all had a slice of paradise to dream about everyday. Cloudy pink skies, blue waves & twinkling lights all around; this is what daydreams are made of!

At aanswr, our team is always working towards something new to enhance your everyday life in the form of essentials for your wardrobes, home decor, wellness & skincare products or simply some bling to add to your outfits for everyday. 

This time, we decided to work with colors that reminded us of a blissful time, when waking up for school the next day was the only worry. Dreamers in Paradise is a collection of womenswear essentials and bedding accessories to elevate your everyday living just in time to embrace the festive season full of celebrations and vigour. 

Crafted using the best of modal satins, premium cottons and detailed with pleats, smocking, pearls and thoughtfully designed style, choose from a wide range of dresses, jumpsuits, tops and bottoms that refresh your season style for whether its:

A day at work

Girls’ brunch

Drinks at the bar

Parties on the weekend

Signature trick? We used traditional lahariya & ikat prints and fused them into our thoughtfully designed everyday essentials to give your new season style a unique flair. Minimalist traditional prints, blended with bold colors; outfits to enhance your look everyday!

We’ve got you covered with magical style, paradise perfect designs and comfort in every wear. Accessories like day-robes, pillow and mask sets as well as luxurious loungewear to take your work-from-home style to the next level. Absolute comfort while you cook, nap and attend the occasional zoom-meeting too! 

The new collection transitions from minimalist blues & whites to including soft, yet bolder colors that add a spark of imagination to your everyday style. Glamorous wear for every occasion and event in luxe fabrics that can be dressed up or down, depending on your style for the day! 

The color palettes center around oceanic blues, candy pink, satiny whites and neutral tones of comfort. Explore our collection of picture-perfect wardrobe essentials now!