Make Diwali 2021 all about mindful celebrations & thoughtful gifting

Make Diwali 2021 all about mindful celebrations & thoughtful gifting

Our year has been tumultuous with uncertainty, confusion & hope for ‘back-to-normal’. Festive season is all about bringing people together, celebrating love, light and excitement. 

So with the onset of Diwali, we’ve been working towards curating & creating good vibes for you, your loved ones and your homes - pretty attires, dapper outfits, home essentials that elevate your festive experience with mindfulness & thoughtful design. After all, the pandemic is slowly leaving us to normalcy and we are gearing up stronger than ever with gratitude for better health & loving families all around. 

Welcome good vibes into your homes with a touch of handpicked luxury. Elevate your style, home decor and childrens’ cuteness overload with our chosen favourites for the festive season:

Men, it’s style up time!

If you want to stay in your comfort zone and yet look stylishly traditional, these handpicked essentials are just what you need to take your festive look to the next level.

Ladies, show off your shine!


Whether it’s flowing attire styled to give you a unique look or some bling to go with your favourite diwali outfits to be the star of the party, our handpicked elevated essentials are just what you need!

For the little angels & princes!

The little bachas are always the center of attention at every party. This festive season, give them something special to be cheery, unique and adored for. Our handpicked festive essentials for your munchkins are the perfect pampering for them! 

A LIT Diwali for your homes!

The most important aspect of the festival of lights, is having a well-lit and pampered home that spreads love, joy & positivity to all visitors. Dinner parties & card parties are coming up, and your homes need to be super-lit for festive entertainment. Choose from our handpicked essentials of home-decor, lighting, dinnerware & serveware to find the perfect ‘you’ quotient for your homes! 

So while you ponder over what’s the best way to make the most of your Diwali shopping this year, we recommend you stay tuned, because we’ve always got something up our sleeves at aanswr!