Mental health matters: How to keep yourself going in the midst of a pandemic

Mental health matters: How to keep yourself going in the midst of a pandemic

It’s been more than a year since COVID-19 was first mentioned on the news, and seemingly overnight, the pandemic changed our lives in big and small ways. One of its many effects, it comes as no surprise, has been the mental toll it’s taken on individuals around the globe. Social distancing, large scale uncertainty and dramatic routine changes have caused feelings of depression, anxiety and burn out to spike. If you’re feeling it too, it’s important to note that you’re not alone—and that there are solutions. Here are five ways you can improve and maintain your mental health while staying indoors in 2021.

1. Take up a project

Yes, restrictions are lifting, and yes, we can now breathe a little freer than we did in 2020. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to forget precautions entirely. While you continue spending the majority of your time indoors, a good way to keep your mind occupied is by indulging in a new hobby or pet project. A great starting point is redoing a corner of your home, be it your work desk or your favourite reading nook. Bonus: decluttering also helps soothe the mind and clear one’s thoughts. Here are some pieces you may just want to add to your makeover list.

2. Talk it out

While social distancing has been imperative in the past year, human contact is an essential for good mental health. Make sure to take out time for interactions, be it a Zoom get-together with family, a healing phone conversation with an old friend, or a weekly chat with a therapist.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of self-care

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: nothing beats the joy that comes from ‘me time’. Begin your days on a fresh note with an indulgent rose quartz roller session, or treat yourself before bed every night with a calming spritz of Secret Alchemist’s essential oils. Another big win? A soothing bath complete with aromatic bath salts. You deserve it.


4. Consider a digital detox

Over the past two years in particular, daily life has been more reliant on social media than ever before, and doomscrolling (Google it!) may be impacting your mental health more than you know. Set a time for phone and laptop usage, and switch off—at least figuratively—an hour before bedtime to help yourself relax and unwind.

5. Exercise!  

It could be a set of 10 surya namaskars, it could be a jog around your building, it could be an at-home Zumba session. No matter what your top pick, exercise is the quickest way to release endorphins and kickstart some positive feels. Lucky for you, we know just the thing you need for your very first workout sesh.