Milestone moments: 10 reasons to celebrate 10K followers!

Milestone moments: 10 reasons to celebrate 10K followers!

It’s a special win for us!

We’re new, we’re growing and we are going to be your favourite go-to for all things elevated essential. We have hit 10K on our Instagram: a big happy family that is growing everyday. We’ve come a long way since we started as two people that just loved their white & blue basics. So while we celebrate our little victories, we wanted to tell you some more about us and our journey so far.

1. Finding the ‘aanswr’ for you

A little more than a year ago, Udit began wondering why it is so hard to shop for basics; literally everyday wear for men & women that love their style but value their comfort at the same time. "When I moved back home - I was looking for a brand I could identify with - a brand I could invest in - I was looking for an answer to everyday dressing" - he once said. He was eager to turn his vision into reality by helping people look good and feel great in simple everyday essentials, and thus was born aanswr.

2. Homegrown & handmade with love

Coming from a background of textile experts, we began with locally sourced material that was handcrafted by experts into premium everyday wear: whether it’s for work, parties, gatherings or just while lounging at home. Blues, whites & everything nice; from our homegrown brand, handmade with only love to give you a world of comfort, style & elegance. Just the essentials you need!

3. Expanding from handcrafted to curated

While today’s mass-market frenzy takes over most minds, we thought of expanding into a marketplace. To help you find products that are handcrafted, thoughtfully created and offered to you as an experiential purchase; an investment of sorts. We believe that timeless and talent go hand in hand; and this is why we join hands with brands that are emerging, skilled, driven and consciously make an effort to create fashion and lifestyle products that make you feel good without compromising on quality and longevity.

4. Creating, curating & conquering essentials you need

Whether you’re looking for something handmade & expertly designed like our very own products like clothing or masks for a comfortable & premium wear or from a specific brand that we work with, you’ve got the best of both worlds. Not something you find very often, you know?

While we work towards curating brands that are local, premium & small-batch for you, we make sure to keep our own creations updated too. Something blue, something white, full of smiles!

5. Elevated wear & self-care - obviously

While clothing makes us feel comfortable, jewellery lets us be stunning. We are proud to be associated with brands like Deanma, AZGA, Afterhours, APZ Clothing, Yesha Sant, ANAQA Jewellery & many more to bring you the best of the best when it comes to comfort, style, luxury & essential.

At aanswr we truly believe everyday is a great day for some self-care & pampering. But we tend to be picky about the skincare & wellness products we indulge in. A good review here, a bad report there: it’s so scary. But at aanswr we made sure to curate only the best of the best because nothing says ‘glow-up’ like gorgeous attire & a fresh YOU!

6. Coffee, please?

We’re going to thank our tiny but loving team for this one. We’re all coffee addicts; each of a different kind. So we had to have coffee essentials too. Whether it’s a french press, pour over or aeropress or something more local like a filter drip, we’ve got you covered. We tied up with some of the best coffee masters in the country to bring you equipment and flavours; make the perfect cuppa for everyday!

7. Mi casa es su casa: our home essentials

Nothing says fun like a little home decor shopping. Hosting that dinner just got more fun when we began curating your dining, living & loving essentials. Whether it’s dinnerware, lighting, bedding or some comfy throws & rugs, we wanted you to have comfort in everything you do. Brands like Saphed, Rena Germany, Urban Arrest, The Happi Space, The Strange Co. and many more bring you handpicked essentials to make your home a space that feels good everyday!

8. Honey, we’ve got the kids

Early in the year, we realized it’s time to focus on your little ones too. This was one of the most fun times of our journey: curating cute, adorable & cuddle-worthy essentials for your mini-me’s. Whether it’s clothing, swaddles, bedding, toys or kids’ room decor essentials, we found the best of the best. Lovingly handcrafted, safely colored & created just for your little ones to feel comfort, joy and excitement everyday. We joined hands with brands like SCRAM, GWD Kids, Kicks N Crawls, Miko Lolo, Greendeer & many more; after all, variety is the spice of life!

9. The latest is our favourite-est: woof

Honey, we completed the family! And we won’t lie. This was our favourite curation. Your little boop-boops need the most love. Bedding, toys & much more for your furry family. If their day involves eating, sleeping & getting all your cuddles, then stylishly it must happen!

Poochmate, our first vendor for all things pets offers handcrafted essentials to make your pets feel special as ever!

And we are going to keep growing too; with all things beautiful, thoughtful, curated & flawless. To make each day a brighter, easier & effortless one!