Pets need pampering too… WOOF!

Pets need pampering too… WOOF!

For all the joy, love and smiles they bring to your everyday moments, your fur babies need some heavy pampering too. They relieve anxiety, reduce your stress and love you unconditionally. When we bring pets into our homes, it becomes a lifetime responsibility. To feed them, to keep them healthy, happy and trouble-free. 

The way we understand our needs and fulfill them, we must take time to understand our furry favourites too. After all, style is essential everywhere; so why not let your goodest boys look dapper as ever too?

At aanswr we are lovers of everything happy: whether it’s your everyday smile, your puppers’ joyous borking or your home and all the good it brings to you. So we curated the best of the best, for your little furries. 

The perfect bed doesn’t exist? Yes, it does

Something cool, comfortable, handcrafted and mindfully brought to you, is all you need to let your puppers let loose and take the comfiest nap. Donut beds or bolster beds are the perfect choice for your puppies to rest themselves, curl up in comfort and yet still have their cute heads up resting to gaze at you in love!

Are you dinner-ing me?

We’ve got plates and spoons, they’ve got bowls and super-tasty meals coming up. Colorful, quirky, limited edition and exclusively for your puppies - get them a bright colored bowl set complete with it’s own detachable table!

Everyone needs a cuddle friend

Toys are always a must-have for your puppies and dapper doggos; after all, we’ve got our friends, why shouldn't they? Our curated range of pets’ toys made from 100% cotton and handcrafted mindfully to let your furry friends feel their everyday happiness is just what you need. 

Winter is coming…

No we don’t mean GoT…. but we do love our own versions of direwolves. So make sure to prep them for chilly & breezy weather; a handcrafted 100% cotton sweater should do the trick. Keep them cold and leave them stylish for every hour of the day!

Did you say style?

You’re not the only one, you knowwww. Your doggos can be super super stylish (and they’ll get more cuddles than you too). Curated bow-ties, handcrafted bandanas & choicest harnesses are just what you need to complete your goodest boys’ and girls’ looks for the day! 

So we curated the best of the best, for your little furries. 

They need the best form of TLC: PURE LOVE. Finish off your pampering with the yummiest treats, and you’ve got yourself a spot in their hearts forever and ever!