Prints Galore: Elevated Living with Subtle Style!

Prints Galore: Elevated Living with Subtle Style!


Trends come and go, but we love everything about prints and the style they add to our everyday living. Subtle does not always have to be solid & natural colors. Prints can be stylish and still not take over the entire vibe of your space or outfit for the day.

While prints can be overwhelming, heavy and eclectic for some, while using subtle and smartly chosen patterns, you can jazz up the vibe of any space you are in, or even what you’re wearing. After all, solids are starting to get a little outdated for everyday wear!

Over the years, prints have evolved into subtle stripes, stylish chevrons, certain nautical vibes and country chic that offers an edge to your tableware, decor or clothing; so we urge you to bring back the 80s, where prints were all the rage, and using grandma’s curtains to create shirts & napkins is not such a bad idea anymore. 

At aanswr, we embrace style in all its glory; whether it be neutrally toned solids that add simplistic and minimalistic edginess to our day to day essentials, it’s always a good idea to have some prints too. So we’ve been curating some exciting, stylish & handcrafted everyday essentials to elevate your everyday wear. 

Ryan Shibori Shirt

Boys, we’re going to tell you only once; prints look amazing on you when chosen carefully. The Ryan Shibori Shirt, among other choicest options is a stylish wardrobe essential for days that need elevated style, or simply on vacations when an evening of beers & tapas calls to you. Crafted using 100% cotton, the Ryan Shibori Shirt is the effortless comfort you need!

Riviera Dress

Ladies, we know you love your prints… so we curated the Riviera Dress for you. Whether its a girls’ brunch or a dinner date, the Riviera Dress is one that offers a world of handcrafted comfort and a slice of elegant style. Don’t be afraid to let your hair down and get a dance or two in; crafted using 100% cotton, this one will keep you comfortable throughout the day!

The Functionalist Shirt

For the men that love their style, but also need a side of formal to their outfits, the Functionalist Shirt works perfectly. Choose between dark & light shades, the chevron print keeps you looking your dapper best at work, and the star of the party comes in the evening. 

PS: This one’s made in-house using our premium fabrics to give you an elevated style as well as effortless comfort everyday! 

Soleil Jumpsuit

Aztec, someone? We love the vibe of the Soleil Jumpsuit; so blue & white, with prints that delight. Who said jumpsuits have to be boring? We’d surely sport this one to a weekend workday, an afternoon brunch or simply on days that only ask for comfort, comfort and comfort. Crafted using 100% cotton, this gets you from AM to PM in absolute comfort & effortless style. 

Arrow Rug

Your homes need pampering too. A rug is essential decor for your spaces; it adds character & a personal edge to your home. A little bit of you, reflecting in your home decor. The Arrow Rug, curated by us, is crafted using 100% New Zealand wool to offer superior comfort; the floor is sometimes the only place we want to veg out on. Our favourite blues & whites, patterned into an appealing, yet not so overpowering design makes this a coveted piece! 

Country Chic Napkins

Last but not least, your tables need some style too. After all, whether it’s a candlelit dinner or an alfresco brunch, table napkins are a must to avoid getting any stains on our clothing. Premium cottons and a stylish golden & blue print make these a thoughtful addition to your table-decor or simply something wonderful to give away to your loved ones! 

Lark Echo Table Napkins

For those that prefer more subtlety, Krishna Mehta’s mindfully crafted and self-designed Lark Echo Table Napkins are just what you need to spice up your dining set-ups for a fun evening with friends and family! 

Whether romantic & whimsical, or bold & fierce, prints take away the boring from our days. They add a sense of joy, confidence & excitement to our day to day living. Feel like giving prints a whirl? Check out our handpicked essentials to find your favourites now!