Retail ‘Therapy’ & Why Mindful Shopping Is Healthy

Retail ‘Therapy’ & Why Mindful Shopping Is Healthy

When it comes to elevated living, mindfulness is a key aspect of our personality developments that we must actively work on. After all, retail ‘therapy’ is a real concept, but may not necessarily be a bad thing for us. 

As we grow older, our wants and needs increase in quantity and quality. But, how do we really differentiate between what we want and what we need, and what stands in the middle of both kinds of purchases?

At aanswr, we believe that mindfulness is the best way to enhance our lifestyles and add rich value to our habits. Shopping mindfully can benefit our everyday living in ways that are not direct, but yet impactful in the long run. Here are 3 ways that mindfulness can help enrich your retail spends:

Easing Transitions

Shopping can be a great way to mentally prepare oneself for any form of transition or change in living conditions. For example, one may shift from one city to another, and feel like a complete stranger to a new environment. The way to boost our morale in such a situation is to perhaps purchase some new bedding for our houses, to make them feel more like ‘home’

As people shop, they naturally tend to visualize how they would use the products. When a product is properly explained or displayed to a consumer along with its benefits and how thoughtfully it has been created, we tend to understand how it adds value to our lives. 

If your friend is having a baby, and to ease her anxiety over how to care for a new life right from the start, gifting is the best way to assure her that ‘everything will be okay’. Some handpicked children’s essentials that are created thoughtfully by experts can do the trick for the new mamas! 

Dressing for Success

It is common knowledge that our confidence is boosted when we dress well, look good and receive compliments. Think of it like this: when we dress well, we are noticed and appreciated; this confidence helps us work harder & better. 

For example, if you begin working at a new company that follows a certain style aesthetic. They choose to wear stylish clothing that does not feel very over-the-top but still keeps them comfortable & well-styled. Your wardrobe would require a sort of makeover while still retaining a little bit of ‘you’ in it. 

Handpicked clothing options often tend to lift our mental states better than fast-fashion. After all, something thoughtfully crafted has a better impact on our mindsets than something that everyone has. A new shirt, or a new dress, that reflects your own personality as well as helps you fit in better at your new workplace is always a smart purchase. 

Inspiration Boosts from Creativity & Aesthetics

For minds that are looking to better themselves on a regular basis, shopping tends to become the creative outlet for all things aesthetic inspiration. For those that look for outstanding quality, craftsmanship, thoughtfulness and attention to detail, shopping is not just about purchasing something as a status symbol, it has more to do with a deep appreciation for the design that helps enrich their lives. 

When a mindfully open person purchases a product that has been handpicked; for example, our curated pets’ essentials are not just products to ensure that your pets do not spoil your home environment. They are handpicked with regards to organic features, craftsmanship that impresses and materials that give absolute comfort without compromising the quality of material used.

The beds aren’t just something to sleep on, they are something that add comfort to everyday lounging; the toys aren’t just to keep them busy, they are curated to be able to enhance their everyday entertainment without harming their health. 

While we practice mindfulness in all that we do, we recommend understanding the experience of mindful shopping and the real retail ‘therapy’ by asking yourselves whether you really need to get everything off the internet, or just something handpicked with love? 💙