The True Essence of Advent Is In You: Ways To Spread Christmas Cheer!

The True Essence of Advent Is In You: Ways To Spread Christmas Cheer!

While we all rushed about hunting for gifts & thoughtful gestures to make our near & dear ones feel pampered & loved for the holidays, there were some of us that missed out on our Advent gifting…. Fret not. 

While so many observe advent in stricter methods and others make use of the season to prepare gifting calendars to make their near & dear ones smile & laugh, the true essence of advent lies in making one feel good. Preparing for a festive season full of cheer & togetherness. 

The true essence of advent lies in you. Your love, your thoughtfulness & your time. In many families, the holidays are a time to come together and spend every minute in joy & cheer, because more often than not, we miss out on major family-time due to our errands & working schedules. But as we welcome Christmas into our homes, here are a few ways to make the most of the festive week at home with your near & dear ones! 

Festive Baking

An age-old tradition: Christmas calls for sweet treats and fluffy bakes. A traditional bake-off is one of the best ways to celebrate and bring in some healthy competition to spark up Christmas days at home. 

Spread the magic even further by asking your neighbours or family members to join your bake-off and spend time together to taste everyone’s creations!

Make A Stranger Smile

Whether it’s food, time spent storytelling  or simply making sure a donation of everyday essentials are made to children & senior citizens that need support, you will have made a stranger smile! 

The festive season is all about spreading joy & cheer. Make it count! 

Netflix & Chill

A lot of the holidays get taken up in catching up on our waitlisted shows & movies. Why not choose to follow a show or two together with your family? This brings the spirit of togetherness in while still making sure you get some quality time with your near & dear ones too. 

Warm Dinner Parties

When the sun sets, it’s time to get bright lights on and some festive sparkle to your parties. Put some music on, make some exciting food - there’s never a bad time to have a party. Make sure to pamper your homes with a warm decor & dazzle your dinner set up with handpicked essentials that are perfect for entertaining evenings!

After all, Christmas is all about giving, receiving and enjoying love, joy & excitement together. Make it count!