Truly all-season: linen is your new comfort friend!

Truly all-season: linen is your new comfort friend!

The slight change in temperatures, and we’re already looking for clothes that don’t stick. It’s no surprise that warmer weather brings out our needs for something lightweight, quick-drying and comfortable to wear throughout the day. 

Whether you’re a homebody or someone that needs to hustle out on the town all day, linen is your new best-friend for all things clothing & bedding. Really. Why, you ask? 

Simple: it’s luxurious, thermo-regulating & the comfiest fabric we have experienced. We wear it all day, and everytime we throw our linens for a wash, they come out stronger and softer. When seasons change, we usually need something to be excited about in our wardrobe. So we’ve curated some of the best in linens to invigorate your days till the cool climate sets in! 

A good linen dress, some co-ords to mix & match and pyjama sets for comfort days and easy nights is what you need; and we’ve got it all. 


Goodnight sun & moon, comfort is all I need. And Saphed’s 100% luxurious European flax linens are how I am going to get it. But really, these linens for your bed are essential for three main reasons:

  • Softer & stronger with every wash; so definitely one for the books.
  • Scientifically, linen proves to give better sleep than other fabrics
  • All-natural and hypoallergenic, for all you sneezers out there!


Creators of true comfort leisurewear and just the perfect place to stock up on your sleepwear, everywhere you go essentials. Choose from a wide array of handcrafted robes, co-ord sets, dresses & pyjama sets. Why do you need these?

  • Crafted with love, using premium linens only!
  • Designs that set you apart from the crowd. 
  • Dresses that you can wear to bed, or double-down for a brunch too!

Yesha Sant

Handmade, sustainable, organic. The three magical words to feel absolutely comfortable, without a single regret. Essentials curated from Yesha Sant’s gorgeous collection are the perfect choice for when you really need to feel cozy, but still need to look the part when it comes to work-from-home. 

  • Fair-trade, sustainable & organic. Empowering the deserving!
  • Linens crafted with hard handiwork & precision. 
  • Because we really believe in simplistic style the most!


Oh dreamy beaches are all we can think of when it comes to Zanzibar’s excellent choices of linen wear for you. Our favourite is the Linen & blues dress shirt which suits every brunch party, or even casual evening cocktails. However, choose from a range of capes, skirts & jackets to elevate your everyday wear with luxurious linen comfort. 


  • Handcrafted with thoughtful designs for you. 
  • Inspired by nature & water, for the seeker in you. 
  • Redefining slow living with oodles of comfort & style!

We’re in absolute love with linens for the new season and you should be too. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and you should do it in complete comfort.