The perfect home with aanswr: your home

The perfect home with aanswr: your home

Your home is a reflection of who you are, what you love and how you feel. We’re launching into the second half of 2021, and also welcoming a world of festivities for the months to come. This festive season, make sure to tell a story with your home. 

Enliven your homes with handpicked decor essentials, some tableware and bedding that makes you never want to leave. Get inspired with minimalistic designs, passionate curations and the goodness of all things thoughtful. 

Come to bed, everyday!

Cozy up to snug warm linens with Saphed’s 100% European flax bedding and sleep your stress away. Available in various colors to mix & match for days that call for extreme comfort, Saphed’s bedding is just what you need if you’re allergic and need some safe snuggling. Another plus point? They get softer with every wash!

Lights will guide your home!

We do love a somber, pleasing ambiance after a hard day at work. So why not pamper your casa with curated lamps to elevate the mood in your home. We work with Happi Space & Hatsu to offer accentuating lighting solutions that add a sense of minimalism, yet yellow goodness to your space. Made to order, and made using top quality brass, a choice of excellent lamps is just what you need for a subtle night in, or a joyous dinner after a long while. 

Living in: Cozy corners?

Those that are lucky enough to enjoy work-from-home need some essential pampering to get through each day with thoughtful love and mindful curations. In an effort to brighten your moods 24/7, our curated throw blankets, cozy pillows, coffee mugs and rugs are now on aanswr for you. 

Hatsu’s rugs are crafted using 100% New Zealand wool with quirky designs to add character to your homes and soft seating, when chairs get too much. Throw blankets curated from The Calico Guild, made from 100% cotton in beautiful ocean tones to give you comfort like never before. Our trick is to wrap yourself up into a burrito and lay on a soft pillow till your hearts feel lighter!

PS: The Antifier is a smart sound system that does not involve electricity. Make sure to get your hands on one to add accentuating style and a boost to your daily music needs!

Rains are out; alfresco dinners are in!

Plating up? It’s time to refresh your dining decor strategies. Whether it’s handcrafted napkins from Krishna Mehta’s hand block-printed collections or ocean vibes napkins from the exciting range at Urban Arrest, we’ve got you covered.

Serve up some delicacies along with tasty knick-knacks in stoneware from Rena Germany’s amalfi collections; the colors, the vibe, the excitement; thoughtfully crafted stoneware to elevate your everyday dining experience is here. 

The Ovate Set is just what you need to bring your tapas to the table in style. Inspired by the vivid hues, sweeping curves and rugged cliffs of the Amalfi; we cannot really go to Italy so soon, but we can feel it in our clayware everyday. 

Finish off the decor essentials with handpicked soy candles that are hand-poured by experts to give you the best in fragrance; an elevated home vibe, just for you. Find your aanswr with us!