Monsooned Malabar Unique Black Coffee

Monsooned Malabar Coffee

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Arabica beans from Chikmagalur are sent to Mangalore, a city on the west coast of India. Coffee beans absorb moisture from the coastal winds during the onset of monsoon and bloat, giving them a pale yellow color with an increase in size. Thus we get some of the most unique flavors ever tasted in coffee. This practice is peculiar to India. Although the rest of the world has already come to appreciate this unique coffee, we are happy to bring this to the discerning cups of consumers, here in India. Most suitable for manual extraction methods and for black coffee drinkers.

- Shelf Life- Best before 6 months of packing.
- Storage Instructions- Pouch needs to zip properly. Best if stored in an airtight       container, retains shelf life.
- Ingredients- 100% Coffee.
- Weight- 200gms (50gms each dip bag).
- This Product is 'Made to order' so kindly refer to our exchange and returns page for more details for the same.

Made by Bili Hu, Curated by aanswr.